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Celiac Antibody Test

Categories:Allergy & Sensitivity
Sample Type:Finger prick (10 drops/0.5 ml micro-SST tube)
Markers:IgA, IgG antibodies for h-tTG & DGP
Available across US except in Canada and US - except in NY, NJ, MD, RI
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Gluten intolerance causes an immune response that results in development of antibodies. These can be detected in blood sample with a celiac antibody test.

Our gluten intolerance test uses a simple and easy to collect finger-prick sample to check for 4 key markers: Tissue Trans-glut-aminase (IgA & IgG), and De-amidated Gliadin Peptide (IgA & IgG). A highly sensitive FDA approved immunoassay performs the celiac testing.

Did you know that certain genes are required for this gluten-sensitive enteropathy? You can check them with a celiac disease genetic test.

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